Everywoman 2014


About The Website

One page scroll website for the Annual Everywoman Conference.
This site was fully responsive allowing it to be accessed via smart mobile devices, and has automated Registration functionality.

About Everywoman Conference

Overflowing Joy, while seemingly unattainable in our hectic and pressured lives, should be part and parcel of a Christians’ life – and it is our mission this year to claim it back!

I love a life lived intentionally and I believe Joy is an art form we can learn… so splash on some colour and come gather with us – to share, to laugh, to worship, to build and encourage each other.

Joy is certainly founded in hope, in the salvation & redemption we have in Jesus Christ. Joy can also be found in His presence, around a table, gathered with friends and family, in victory, in the birth of a new venture, in song.
Can’t wait to see you!

Big Hugs,
Fiona & the Everywoman team